LET’S TALK. Business, law, social sciences, foreign languages… How do professionals from other countries live and work in Kazakhstan? What do they think? What ideas do they implement? KIMEP University students discuss these and other issues with foreign speakers — representatives of business, finance and international relations. In June 8, 2017 kapital.kz and KIMEP University jointly launched an informational and educational project titled LET’S TALK.
Let’s Talk
Interview series
Let’s Talk with Mr Guram Andronikashvili
Mr Guram Andronikashvili, Fortebank: “In the medium term banks will still provide banking services, telecom – the telecom ones”.

KIMEP student — Mukash Khanym, Master Student of Business Administration program of Bang College of Business at KIMEP University speaks with Mr. Andronikashvili about the convergence of the banking sector with other industries and differences between banking systems in Kazakhstan and Great Britain.
Guram Andronikashvili serves as the First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of ForteBank. He brought his experience from JPMorgan, London to Kazakhstan 7 years ago. Guram talks about market innovations and ForteBank achievements with a master graduate of KIMEP University.

LET’S TALK with Vlastimil Samek
Vlastimil Samek, Head of the United Nations Information Bureau of the United Nations Department of Public Information gave an interview to an MBA student of KIMEP University.

Vlastimil Samek, Head of the United Nations Information Bureau of the United Nations Department of Public Information gave an interview to an MBA student of KIMEP University.

LET’S TALK with Elaine M. Conkievich
Elaine M. Conkievich, UN Women Representative in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan

Elaine M. Conkievich, UN Women Representative in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Head of UN Women Multi-Country Office for Central Asia in Kazakhstan, talks about why gender equality is not just about promoting women’s rights

Let’s Talk with Ronald Binkofski
Ronald Binkofski, General Manager of Microsoft CIS

Khanym Mukash, Master Student of Business Administration Program of Bang College of Business at KIMEP University speaks with Ronald Binkofski, General Manager of Microsoft CIS and a Member of the Microsoft Central and Eastern Europe Board about the crisis opportunities for Kazakhstan, legally-acquired software, the cloud computing revolution, his wide IT experience in Asia and Europe, and a great time he had playing golf in Astana and Almaty.

Let’s Talk with Jessica Leonard
Jessica Leonard, Regional Director of American Councils for International Education

Jessica Leonard, Regional Director of American Councils for International Education, talks about the development of trends in higher education in English, abroad and in Kazakhstan, as well as the benefits of receiving higher education in English. Today, KIMEP student — Mukash Khanym, Master Student of Business Administration program of Bang College of Business at KIMEP University speaks with Ms. Leonard. They also discuss the privileges and prospects for career growth for English-speaking graduates in their home countries and abroad.

LET’S TALK WITH Anthony Espina
Anthony Espina, the Chairman of the Management Board of the ATFBank: “Do we really need so many banks in Kazakhstan?”

Anthony has surprised us with his great initiative. He asked us how we want to conduct the interview. «Do you want to ask questions or I will give you a run through, and then you will add something? I do not like a Q&A», he said. We understand what he means but we are really interested in everything he may have to tell us as given his wide experience. The ATF Bank CEO talks to a KIMEP graduate about the Kazakh banking system, local opportunities and specifics.

Let’s Talk with Holger Wiefel
Holger Wiefel is regional head of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s (EBRD) Advice for Small Businesses Programme in Kazakhstan and Mongolia

Holger Wiefel is the regional head of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s (EBRD’s) Small Business Support Programme in Kazakhstan and Mongolia. Holger has lived in Kazakhstan for 3 years implementing EBRD initiatives in Kazakhstan. He was an exchange student at KIMEP in 2003/2004 and got the Best International Student award. Today, another KIMEP student — Mukash Khanym, Master Student of Business Administration program of Bang College of Business at KIMEP University speaks with Mr. Holger. They discuss the differences between the level of business support in Kazakhstan and in Germany, evaluate small business development in Kazakh regions and the opportunities available to entrepreneurs during the crisis.

Let’s Talk with Arti Ots
CEO of Kcell Arti Ots talks about digitalism, WhatsApp, artificial intelligence at Kcell call center

Before coming to Almaty Arti Ots held the CEO position at «Elion» operator in Estonia. Nurtleu Zhakeshov, the graduate student of KIMEP University is talking with the CEO of Kcell about the local telco market features, comparing it with Global trends and future outlooks.

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